A weekend away

Last weekend we had a real treat as we and the whole family got invited to my husbands cousin’s place down by the Zambezi river. There they have built them selves a private getaway that is best explained as a luxury safari lodge. Only, you don’t have to share it with others! The place offered unlimited photo opportunities and I had plenty of practice, here are some of the photos:

Just before the sunrise…IMG_1646

Table laid for another scrumptious dinner!IMG_1633

I had no complaints over the food…IMG_1576

Lots of rustic old African furniture has been collected.IMG_1570



Beautiful view to wake up to.IMG_1557

Every room has it’s own outdoor bathroom.IMG_1556

The living room is completely open under a big thatched roof, the only “wall” is the fireplace. IMG_1547

The place is complete with a Scandinavian style wood fired sauna, with glass doors so that you still enjoy the view of the mighty Zambezi.

This was a weekend of relaxation, quality time, and good food. We will be back!