Long time no see

Too long has passed since my last blog post, about the Zambian election results, I guess I’ve been a bit of a silent observer lately and nobody could possibly have missed all the coverage of the US elections with its ugly twists and turns and an outcome that shocked the world. However, much has been … More Long time no see

Lungu it is

image source It’s been a hectic week in Zambia with elections that, after a four day wait for results, saw incumbent Edgar Lungu, of the Patriotic Front (PF), declared winner. Without the right to vote I still had my own opinion on which party I saw more suitable to lead our government but little did … More Lungu it is

A photo a day

For the month of May I set out to take one photo every day. It was a challenge much bigger than I anticipated! My own rule was that I need to use my DSLR and not my phone, but as it turned out I had to bend the rules a few times… I also wanted … More A photo a day