My next camera? (for the photo nerds)

Photographers (enthusiasts and professionals alike) love to use the argument that “it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer” whenever someone tells us our camera takes really great pictures. Then we turn around and get all caught up in the gear race! We try to figure out which camera others around us use and we look with envy in our eyes at the big expensive gear the well established photographers have at hand. In the past couple of weeks I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit looking at cameras online (more time than actually spent taking pictures!). Is it time to go full frame? I need a mirrorless as they are smaller. Maybe I should go Sony Alpha? Seem like a lot of people whose work I admire use those. And so on and so forth. I have read endless reviews of cameras and lenses and watched YouTube videos on ‘fullformat vs cropped sensor’ leaving me more confused than when I started out. In the end I’ve come to realise my Nikon D7100 is doing quite alright with its cropped sensor (who can tell the difference anyway!?). And I realised that this was a slightly addictive behaviour, I WANTED something new more than I NEEDED it. Truth is I still need to figure half of the settings out on my current camera. I still need to learn to edit. That’s where I need to invest. Invest time. So instead of looking for new cameras I can’t afford anyway I’m going to give my Nikon D7100 a second chance in my hands and instead of using my internet bundle on Amazon I will use it on watching photoshop tutorials. My advice to anyone feeling they need a new, better, bigger/smaller camera, you don’t! Or perhaps you do, but first make sure you have given your current gear a true chance to shine! Maybe it’s your skills that need an investment and not your gear? Happy shooting!


I can’t claim I’ve been busy with my photography this year, life keeps coming in between me and my camera gear! I have at least managed to spend some time on my favourite street corner for some candid street shots and thought it’s only fair I share a few with you. Remember you can also find them, and more, on my Instagram 

On my last photo walk I think I spent more time talking to people then I did shooting. It’s fun to see how there’s a general interest in what I’m doing. And, besides one guy who thought it’d be fun to run up to me and shake is hips to close for comfort, I really didn’t get harassed at all! 

A photo a day

For the month of May I set out to take one photo every day. It was a challenge much bigger than I anticipated! My own rule was that I need to use my DSLR and not my phone, but as it turned out I had to bend the rules a few times… I also wanted to keep it interesting by trying to have as much diversity as possible in terms of style and technique. It was however a fun project that got me to think photography every day. If you’re stuck in a rut and feel uninspired this is a great way to get back into it. (if you have any questions about any of the photos feel free to add them in the comments below)

Zambezi wedding

At the beginning of this month I was picked up and taken to a safari lodge on the Zambezi river. No, I did not go on an expensive holiday, I was there to shoot Susan and Vernon’s wedding. (Sitting by the river watching the sunset, hearing hippos in the water, I thought to my self “wow, I’m getting paid to be here!”) The bride and groom are such a lovely and laid back couple, each with a large and very close family (they all made me feel part of it all). The whole event was planned and executed by family members making it a very personal affair. Here are a selection of photos from their special day>