Square one

It is exactly three weeks since my last run or any form of exercise. The days that followed I had a slight headache, nothing too bad I thought, though I dont often have persistent headaches. I kept thinking “I’ll be better tomorrow”, but my positive thoughts had no effect and by the following Monday I had a high fever, chills, sore joints and bones and other things I don’t need to mention, and I fainted as my blood pressure has a habit of dropping when I’m unwell. Seeing these symptoms I started a malaria course straight away. Usually you feel an improvement within the next 24-36 hours, however two days after I had completed the course I was still feeling miserable. By then I had passed at the hospital for a covid test, a rough experience to say the least. Two days later I got my results, negative (did the lab get my test mixed up?). I could by then see that it had turned and I was slowly feeling better, but before long it was my husband’s turn to go through almost the exact same chain of symptoms. It took me another week to fully get back, I slept hours and hours and still felt exhausted. (My husband is now in the exhausted stage).

So today’s workout was an achievement. I decided to start slow with a gentle 35 min yoga (Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenge on YouTube). I felt about as flexible as a fridge. Then to add a touch of cardio I skipped for just 30sec x 6, I felt like I was about to have an asthma attack! (And I don’t even have asthma). Lastly for a little strength I flipped my tyre 10 x 5 with 5 push ups in between each set. Incredible how much stamina you lose in a few weeks especially when the body has been busy fighting illness. Talk about being back on square one!

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