Our trip to Sweden

Yes, despite the current global conundrum we made it to Sweden for a much longed for winter trip. Christmas in Gotland with my parents and siblings plus the two new family members ❤ then new years in the north (Västerbotten) with my husband’s sisters and families. In Gotland we had lots of quality time and as the weather was rather wet we spent a lot of time in the house, the boys spent a lot of time in the garage/workshop making random things. As I already explained in the previous post it was a bit different on this trip. We hung out with the closest family, the people in our “bubble” and didn’t properly meet a lot of other friends. Gotland was very wet and the chances of snow were slim, however on Christmas day we had just enough for the kids to get excited, run outside mouths open and they even managed a small snowball fight and to roll up enough for a snowman that survived a couple of days. Christmas eve (which is the main day of celebration in Sweden) was spent in usual manner with lots of gifts, too much food and some afro beat (ok, that last one was me and my husbands contribution, it won’t hurt to switch up the traditions a little…!). Just in time for new years celebrations we made it up north to where two of my sister in laws live, the third sister had made a special trip just to see us. Our kids were now the little ones to be pampered, in Gotland they had two baby cousins to look after. Up north we had a proper winter experience, the kids got to try it all. Skiing round the house, ice skating in the park and going down the little hill side on a mat or whatever got you down. Unfortunately I got sick and had to be isolated until I could get a covid test done, thankfully it came out negative. But I missed an outing where the kids went ice fishing and just having fun in the snow, it was however -16 on this day… Despite or perhaps thanks to all the circumstances we felt that the holiday really became about having bonding time with our closest family. The kids got to know their new little cousins and hang around the big cousins and just have fun. I look forward to the next time we travel, hopefully things would have gone back to normal in some ways by then. Here are a few photos, if you want to see more go to my facebook album.

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