Covid holiday

We are travelling to Sweden in December! Normally this would only bring excitement but 2020 isn’t normal, so here we are, watching the news, seeing covid numbers rise, and restrictions tighten. We are in for a very different holiday, but what covid can’t cancel is quality time with the family and after all that is why we are travelling. With two new babies in the family, we don’t mind that we can’t even have a meal at a restaurant together (max 8 people per group). With all the cousins to hang out with, who needs to go anywhere anyway?

For a long time I haven’t felt the need to follow the covid situation too closely outside Zambia, but now my ear is close to the ground for any update on further restrictions and regulations. So instead of excitement it’s a rather nerve wrecking countdown to our flight! It’s a strange feeling to be worried about catching a disease going to Europe, it has always been the other way around, people worried about all kinds of illnesses, whether founded or unfounded, people have been scared to travel to Africa. The tables have turned in the strangest of ways. And as much as I look forward to having a Christmas in Sweden and for the children to see snow for their first time, I am worried about the whole situation.

I will end this post with a few photos from the last couple of month:

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