Prevent or wait for a cholera outbreak?


Walking around in Kabwe has quickly become a hassle again as street vendors have been allowed to spread their goods out on both the sidewalks and the actual street. Clothes, shoes, fruit and veg, it’s all there on sale in the midst of mud and smelly streams of water. Facebook, as it does, showed me a memory the other day, a post written in January 2018:

“Everyone who’s so impressed with the government led cleanups going on – it’s a bit like a kid having to clean up his own mess – and about time! If preventative measures had been taken we wouldn’t have had a cholera out brake to begin with! Now schools won’t be opening on the 15th, instead we have to wait til 30th and then see if govt will give the green light. Yes, it’s fantastic that we finally can walk on the side walk without hopping between goods and food for sale, but that’s how it’s supposed to be, we’ve accepted street vending and the dirt filled drainage pipes and filth as normal and so when it’s finally dealt with we all clap and say the govt is at work, but where were they all along leading up to the situation we’ve ended up with!?”

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have come very far, rather we have reversed back to the time of the worst Cholera outbreak Zambia had experienced in a very long time. Is the government waiting for another outbreak before anything is done? That’s what it took to clean up two years ago, but how about we stop this now, before people die from a preventable disease?

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