15 years for love?

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I’ve written on this topic many times, but we seem to be going around in circles. Let’s be clear: the British colonial masters introduced the anti-sodomy (anti gay) laws when they came here to rule. It has nothing to do with culture (so the “it’s not our culture” stance is simply not a valid argument). Colonialism also introduced the very Bible and faith used to argue against homosexuality. When the Americans speak FOR gay rights people are telling them not to interfere in our affairs, but when the American missionary comes to preach against it you are all ears. Hypocrisy much!?

It’s time for Zambia to reconsider outdated stance on LGBTI community – US Envoy

2 thoughts on “15 years for love?

  1. I hope someone understands that we promote LGBTI in the name of diversity and individual rights but why do expect the whore words exist on one stance I have nothing against countries who support gay rights and I expect people understand countries which do not…. I support that the world should never have a single stance.

    1. We must also remember that gay people are our brothers and sisters. They are not aliens from elsewhere. Their rights are human rights so we must push for laws to change. Even in Europe they have had to struggle for their rights and still face a lot of harrassment and even get killed, nobody deserves to live like that. Ones beliefs should not have a negative impact on another person’s life. Thank you for commenting.

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