Scandinavian Heatwave


20180729_131633-01-011968001661.jpeg It was six years ago we all traveled to Gotland, Sweden (and back then my youngest wasn’t even born so you could say this was the first trip with the whole family), well for my husband anyway, as I’ve been lucky enough to travel a few more times. The reason there could be no excuse to leave anyone behind was my brothers wedding (will share that in another post) and as with all weddings it brings everyone together in the same place. Sweden was experiencing its worst drought in 70 years and while farmers were crying the sunbathers enjoyed. We had many sunny days at the beach and as it is an island we could, as we always do, pick a different spot every time. We visited at least about five different beaches and they are all very near my parents home. At any given time we were at least 10-12 people under their roof so it was quite intense and nobody took a long shower with the water shortage situation! As always the days flew by and in the last week we were happy to receive some rain and thunder. Our children got to practice a bit of Swedish, enjoy the long days (“why must we go to bed already, it’s still bright outside!?”), hang with grandparents, aunt and uncles, make new friends and eat lots and lots of ice cream. They did however get a bit tired of each other towards the end. Next time we travel they want to see snow…!


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