No parking

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I just threw a little mini fit at the poor guy charging for public parking outside Shoprite in Kabwe. You could just say I’m having a bad day OR you could say I’ve just had enough of this pathetic municipal council! They want us, customers, to pay for what exactly? Today I had to drive past all the parking spaces in front of Shoprite as they were occupied by taxis, legal and (for the most part) illegal. I had to drive around the corner, to the far end and park where there is no tar, but mud and rocks and that’s the parking I was expected to pay for! This is just one small part of Kabwe municipal counsil’s total failure at running a town. I’ve blogged about the street vending before (here), and it has only gotten worse. Most parking spots in town center is now taken up but vendors, each one picks a slot! You can hardly get through Freedom way, the main road in town, as it is completely clogged up by taxis, minibuses (driving in any direction they care to) and vendors sitting right on the tar. It would be very interesting to hear what our dear Mayor and/or MP has to say about this mess, as it doesn’t look like any effort is being made in improving anything at this point.



2 thoughts on “No parking

  1. Nail on the head! It’s so frustrating how things like this that are clearly wrong are widely accepted as the norm in Z. I say this having recently visited home after 5 years of absence. It really slaps you in the face from the outset. The stuff you said about minibuses is so true. Those guys are so rude on (and off) the road! We had some ‘non-airport bag handlers’ come over to take over pushing our suitcase trolleys despite the fact we were managing perfectly well. All they wanted was to get paid for a job that didn’t need to be done. It’s when you try to challenge these things that people ask ‘what’s wrong with you?’ Despite all this, I still love my country.. no place like home #rantover. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work 😀

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I guess it’s cause we love this place we get so upset seeing it in such a state… to really sad that people so quickly accept something as norm, when they should demand better from the authorities.

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