Interview with Marisa Shearer

My interview with Marisa Shearer was published this week on the Lusaka WordPress blog.

Here are some extracts:

On the island of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos in the Bahamas you will find the place that Marisa Shearer (born Findlay) and her family call home. Daughter to a Zambian businessman and a British mother she grew up in Lusaka but later moved to the UK to complete her studies. There she eventually took the plunge and turned her passion for photography into a business with the focus on lifestyle and women.

Have you been able to keep the passion for photography after turning it into your bread and butter?

“My passion for photography hasn’t dampened since turning it into a career. If anything it has taken my passion to another level by stretching me past what I thought I could do with a camera and encouraging me to learn more.

What has it meant for you living in the diaspora?

I love Zambia, growing up there was one of the most amazing experiences.  Such kind and friendly people and a chance to grow up very protected.  The Lusaka that I grew up in is very different to the Lusaka today. 


Is it (yoga) a spiritual practice for you or do you have a secular approach?

“Yoga can be whatever I want and need in the moment.  Sometimes it’s more of a physical practice that helps to stretch and open my body and release any pain or tension.  Other times it’s a quieter and deeper space that I find on the mat that helps me open to deeper and higher parts of myself.”

You are very personal on your blog, does that ever make you feel vulnerable?

“There is definitely vulnerability in everything that I share.  I know that everyone doesn’t have the same views as myself and that some of the things I write about may challenge people’s beliefs.

Read the full interview here.

Visit Marisa’s lifestyle blog At Home With Malita.


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