Theme 6/12 – Double exposures

After reading an inspirational article about double exposures in a photo magazine I took a look at my camera manual to figure out if and how I could try it out. Once I had the settings figured I set out to do some double exposures. It sure wasn’t as easy as I first thought, but I slowly got a hang of it and I had a lot of fun with it. Plus I now have tons of ideas of what to do next. There are different ways of creating a double exposure (that started off as errors in the days of analog photography) and the way I did it is by taking two photos where the second is layered over the first. Another way is to layer photos in camera afterwards but I found those not to have the same depth (you can also layer photos in Photoshop, but not in the version I have). The tricky part is to get the settings right on your first exposure. To create a silhouette you need to have the background overexposed but the face/hand still quite dark for the second exposure to come out. These are some of my double exposures>


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