Get blogging!

That headline is more to myself than anybody else… I have for various reasons been very quiet here lately despite still very much having an opinion about whats happening in the country. Perhaps it’s ย been too much happening in Z lately, it’s simply been overwhelming, I mean, where do I even begin! Power cuts on a daily basis, a crashed currency and right now no fuel in Kabwe! And all along, all we get from the leaders in government is “it’s global” and anybody critical of their efforts is labeled ‘opposition’ (which is equal to a swearword in Z) or a tribalist (just as bad if not worse).

Ok, so I went i little offtrack here. Initially what I just wanted to write is that my blog has been included in the 52 bloggers WordPress Lusaka project. This is where 52 blogger will be interviewed (one each week of this year) and not only that, we are also doing the actual interviewing ourselves. The blogger that is interviewed the week before me will then interview me and I will then interview the next blogger on the list. This project started already week one in January and you can go there to read the first interviews. I’m coming up in March. Give WordPress Lusaka a follow and you won’t miss it!

This has given my motivation to blog a much needed boost. What I have also done is to move my photo blog back here where it all started. With everything in one place I hope to get back on track with my blog. Watch this space!

DSC_2138 (1024x576)


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