Child offender now a champion

A famous singer and convicted child defiler is pardoned by the president after serving a mere year of his 18 year sentence. What message does that send to our young girls? Samba Yonga sums it up well, we are saying it’s ok:

Samba Yonga - Vishinganyeka

Illustration by Angel Phiri Illustration by Angel Phiri

Debates persist on the matter surrounding the defilement case of Gen. Kanene, his subsequent arrest and eventual release from prison. Everyone is entitled to an opinion in the sphere of democracy but the collective statement we are making as a country by witnessing the appointment of a convicted child offender to a GBV “activist” raises questions of our ability to insist on the minimum expectations of human decency.

It seems being a girl, still developing mentally, physically and emotionally, means precious little in this country.

It means that every time a girl flinches at the touch, cowers in a corner, shrinks in shame in recesses of her mind, implodes because her body has been degraded, explodes because her womanhood has been desecrated…

…it means we are saying it’s OK.

It means every time a girl loses dignity, lives in a constant state of paranoia, is afraid…

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