Stop the public stripping of women!

This week it happened again; a young woman was stripped naked in public for wearing clothes some deemed too revealing (apparently a mini skirt and top revealing her back). There have been a number of similar incidents around Lusaka in the last year and every time I hear about another one my blood starts to boil.

Who are these men who think it’s in their power to decide what is suitable and not for a woman to dress?

What make them think they have a given right to strip naked and humiliate another human being?

Meanwhile filming the whole thing and sharing it on social media, causing further humiliation for the victim.

In Zambia there is a lot being done to curb gender based violence and we see many women in powerful positions, that’s why it is so disappointing to see that there is still this segment in our society that is trying violently to impose their sexist values on others, values that have no place in the 21st century.

But what worries me more than these clearly ignorant thugs or “kaponyas” however is how little other women seem to be bothered. They are passively allowing it to happen, some even thinking “she asked for it dressing like that!”. If anything is to change, women need to stand up for each other; instead we are busy pulling each other down.

If we as women aren’t going to fight for our right to choose how to dress, for equal pay, when and if to have children, who and when to marry, access to safe abortion etc, who will?

In Kenya similar stripping incidents led to the creation of #MyDressMyChoice and major demonstrations on the streets of Nairobi in support of women’s right to choose how to dress. Will we see anything of that kind in Zambia?

Image showing the demonstrations in Nairobi in November 2014 (source ).


4 thoughts on “Stop the public stripping of women!

  1. I think the fact that one has the right to choose what they wear gives them the right to dress suggestively, dress as though they want to charged with indecent exposure…
    I personally think if women want to be given an equal platform as men they should act like it…a modestly dressed woman will not have any hands laid on her. Why should Zambia be called a christian nation if its women should to dress as though they are ladies of the night…? Maybe we should changed it to a secular nation…cause apparently we don’t want to live up to the christian standards no wonder our churches are filled with perverts and indecent women.

    1. The irony is off course that these people who thought this particular woman dressed indecently then decided it would be better if she was completely naked! We can not have anarchy on the streets and think it should be up to anyone to punish women for the way they dress. yes, she was perhaps looking for attention but she still does not deserve being stripped and shamed. Is Zambia a christian nation? Good question. I think it hypocrisy to call it that. Are those men who stripped her representing the christian faith better than the woman? What I can’t stand is when men think they have the right to control women. And when Christians, both men and women, see themselves as above others. Not very Jesus-like if you ask me. With that I’d like to thank you for taking interest and contributing on my blog.

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