Meet the wedding-crashers!


I never thought I’d be given the opportunity to photograph another weeding so soon after my first. Only ten days later I was getting myself to the location of my second weeding. This time in Lusaka, and this time I had competition! It was at one of the more well known catholic churches right in town and I think, coming from Kabwe I simply did not know what to expect. Minutes into the ceremony I noticed a couple of guys getting up in front to take pictures. I had made sure to ask if there was no-go areas and I made sure not to use a flash, all to be as discrete as possible. These guys never had discretion in mind, walking up in front of everybody flashing away. Only too late did I realize they had nothing to do with the bridal couple or any of the guests. They had simply walked in to grab an opportunity. They even asked the bride “where to?” after she came out of church, she declined to tell them and we where therefore very surprised to find they had made their way out to the reception with a bundle of photos that they intended to sell to the guests. We had to ask management to get them to leave. Quite chocked I brought this issue up on the Facebook group “Zambian photographers” and I had a lot of different responses as this seem to be the order of the day for any wedding photographer in Lusaka. Comments varied from “get family to stop them at door” to “I’ve damaged peoples cameras”. Next time I cover a wedding in Lusaka I will make sure I claim my space and sharpen my elbows!

(promise some nice photos from the wedding in my next post!)




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