Selfie in my bedroom…

The other day I decided to set up a little “studio” in my bedroom just to try it out. I hung up a rather stained dark blue table cloth, in the lines for the mosquito net. I have a lovely big window so I only set up my reflector to bounce some of that light. Then it was on with the self-timer and jump in front of the camera! I struggled to get the focus set as it only focuses as you press the shutter, so I had to set it on manual and try to sit where I had focused… Well, here are the three photos that came out good, after a bit of editing. I chose to do one in black and white, the other two I increased the contrast and reduced the saturation. (and for the record, I was NOT naked! πŸ˜‰ )

IMG_5327_edited-2 (819x1024)

IMG_5328_edited-1 - Copy (1024x819)





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