New year, new beginnings…

Instead of joining the people making big (empty?) new year resolutions I thought this would be a good time to look back at the resolutions I made right about a year ago. In that blog post I concluded that 2013 passed in a flash and I’m afraid that can be said about 2014 as well. These are the new year resolutions I made back then and I’ve included a comment on each on how well I did:

Focus – Do fewer things but do them properly (this one’s for my husband, and perhaps my mother-in-law…)                

>>Hm, not sure anyone in the family can tick this one off the list!

Run – to keep up and improve my new found passion running. And perhaps get some other family members in on it!                    

>>Room for improvement, but at least I can say I’ve maintained my routine!

“Timeout – Remember to take time out with family (also more for my husband…)”                    

>>Not much of this I’m afraid, we’ll carry this one forward to 2015!

“Use the boat more – switch off and go fishing! It would be enough to use it once to beat  2013…”              

>>We used it in January. My husband ambitiously market one weekend per month in the calender, but in vain…

“Learn more – To take better photos, write more, read more books.”                  

>>Finally I can say I have done this, at least in regards to the photography!

“All in all it’s about putting priorities right, putting family first and living in the now. Have a healthy, successful year full of love!” 

>>The last statement from last years blog post, it is still the priority!

Now we can only set our minds on making 2015 the year we want it to be! With or without resolutions…..



2 thoughts on “New year, new beginnings…

  1. Dear Elina,
    We have launched a green citizen initiative called EcoZambia.
    I follow your blog and I believe that you might like the content.
    I am happy to invite you to officaly launch it with us in Lusaka tomorrow.
    If you are not available, we will be happy to present the project when you have a chance.
    Find below our press release.

    5 January 2015
    For immediate release


    On 6 January 2015, The green initiative EcoZambia will be officially launched.

    EcoZambia aims at enhancing greener ways of life in Zambia. Many green entrepreneurs are already working on an eco-friendly Zambia and are now building a green economy in the whole country.

    It can be difficult to find this information and EcoZambia is one efficient way to share it.

    EcoZambia’s objective is to share initiatives that support Zambian residents having greener daily lives. EcoZambia is not oriented for profit: it is a non commercial citizen initiative. EcoZambia’s focus is on raising awareness. EcoZambia’s website and educational workshops are the main tools proposed. EcoZambia’s website is available on

    Three key sections is a webportal where environmental-interest information is gathered into three main sections:

    – Recycle in Zambia
    This section focuses on what can be recycled in the country
    It is an updated guide on what can be recycled and how.
    At the moment, EcoZambia findings prove that many devices can be easily recycled in the country, such as plastic, paper, cans and many other daily waste.

    In this section, green products available in Zambia have been compiled, such as organic fooding, green energy solutions, products for a better health of the family or for a greener house as welle as products made out of recycling material.

    How to implement a greener way of life at home? This section answers the question with simple tricks to reduce our own foot print in the daily life.

    An interactive platform

    EcoZambia is also designed to be an interactive platform where everyone can share their own green tips and information.


    Aurélien 0973 70 71 36
    Agathe 0975 19 14 27

    WHAT official launch of EcoZambia

    WHO Actors and supporters of the Zambian green economy

    WHEN 6 January 2015 at 18:00

    WHERE Green Shop and Café in Foxdale Court

    1. Hello Aurelien,
      thanks for following my blog, hope you enjoy my ramblings! ecoZambia, what a great initiative! I will have a look at the webpage. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the launch as I will not be in Lusaka tomorrow. I hope you will get a lot of attention and that you will be able to teach all of us a thing or two on how to treat our environment better! Kind regards, elina

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