Christmas toffee

This year I have felt extremely late and disorganized with everything Christmas. So it was only yesterday I got around to making some of the traditional Christmas sweets that is a must for Christmas eve. However, as i didn’t have all the ingredients at home I was glad to find a recipe without the fresh cream, and it was just to pop it in the microwave. Me like! I ended up making tree batches of the same, as well as tree other types of sweets including a very experimental and not so nice looking batch of marshmallows in white chocolate (it all melted into a gooey mash, but I’m sure the kids will love it!). Here’s the recipe for the microwave toffee>

Melt 50 gram margarine or butter in a glass bowl (approx 2 liters) in the microwave. Then mix in 3/4 dl white flour, 1 and 1/4 dl sugar, 1 tblsp cocoa, 1 tsp vanilla, 3/4 dl golden syrup. Put back in the microwave oven and cook on full heat for 3-4 minutes. (to check if it’s ready, put a drop of the mixture in cold water, if you can roll it to a ball, it’s cooked). Pour it out on a pan, leave to cool, cut, wrap. Done!

Toffee, or kola in swedish, nicely wrapped.


Brittle with peanuts.


Not really sure what I had in mind, but this is how the marshmallow thingy turned out.

marshmallow musch...


swedish knäck

My mums handwritten recipe.

mums handwritten recipe


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