First photo-shoot!

I recently met up with a Mulungushi University student for a portrait photo shoot. My first ever attempt! She contacted me thru facebook after seeing some photos I had shared in a group called Zambian photographers. She needed a Kabwe based photographer and thought I’m a professional – huge compliment from her! I proposed to her that I’ll do it for free to gain experience and as she was up for it we met up at Misuku lodge in Kabwe town. It was a great learning experience (any constructive criticism welcome!). Here are my favourites from the shoot>



11 thoughts on “First photo-shoot!

  1. Hi Elina
    You are taking some nice shots especially experimenting with perspective and different camera angles.
    Regarding the comment from Samuel about the shoe shot, I would have to agree regarding contrast. The pose is good thou :). The way you could shoot this kind of shot next time is to find a shaded spot if you are working outside so there is less hard light contrast on the shoes and clothes. Time of day is a big factor with photography. I normally don’t shoot outside at the brightest times of day 10:30am-3:00pm. Saying that cloudy days are awesome because the light is much softer and so are shadows.
    If you are shooting at the brightest times shade and indoor window light are best :).
    Keep snapping away.

    1. Thank you so much for your input! I feel like I learnt a lot from this shoot, by actually making mistakes! I’m now much more aware of light and shadows. I bought a reflector screen that also works as a diffusor for harsh light. Looking forward to learn more for every snap! 🙂

  2. I like your eye. Good composition. For such shoots consider lower ISO for less grainy images. Contrast also needs attention. Shot of feet/shoes – not flattering to the set of pictures you posted – I would leave it out or re-shoot.

    1. Hello Samuel and thanks for your comments! Reg iso it was ser at 100 as we had good light, perhaps the grain is due to decreasing the size? (I usually make the images smaller for the blog due to slow internet). You say contrast needs work, please tell me in what way? I did struggled with the strong sun light. Your last point reg feet, I tend to agree, will consider replacing it! Thanks again, it’s great to get my photos analysed, that way I can learn from my mistakes!

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