Sports day!

On the last saturday of June it was time for the yearly Sports Day at my childrens school Jacaranda Trust School in Kabwe. It had all the usual like lots of snacks, screaming parents and children giving it their all. There were many different races for the little ones, like dress-up-race and tea-party-race, and longer races for the older children. Even the parents had to pull up their socks and give it their all, I did my part in the mothers race (and limped for the following few days!). My husband being on the PTA board was too busy frying chips to see any of the races so I made sure to catch them on camera. Here are a few photos from the day:

IMG_3358Emil trying to put no 1 in the correct place, it didn’t go so well…

IMG_3500The supporters!

IMG_3396Svea full speed ahead!

IMG_3424Albin balancing that ball on the spoon!

IMG_3498Team Luangwa ahead of team Zambezi

IMG_3442Nils chilling with friends

IMG_3444Clearing those hurdles!

IMG_3524The winning team Kafue! (for the first time in the school’s history)


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