The true meaning of “Donchi Kubeba”

african-american-man-taped-mouth-300We are slowly coming to realize what the PF (Patriotic Front) really ment with their 2011 campaign slogan “Donchi Kubeba” (don’t tell). During the run up to the presidential elections back in 2011 the slogan was everywhere.  The meaning was that you must vote PF, but don’t tell, let the victory come as a chock. And indeed it did. Three years down the line the slogan has changed meaning, or perhaps this was the meaning all along – to shut your mouth! If you don’t have anything nice to say about the president and/or his government don’t think you can let people know without the risk of getting ‘warned and cautioned’ by the police. Something that every opposition politician has been submitted to on a regular basis lately and now they’re after the the media. The latest to be warned and cautioned is Mr. Collins Changwe Kabwe, a  manager at Hot FM Radio Station, an independent radio station with a big following. And the question is, where will it end? Are they gonna come after me and other bloggers next?

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