A cake for daddy

We celebrated my husbands birthday this week as he turned well, let’s say 30 something… Our kids had all made cards the day before that they handed him in the morning along with coffee and singing. My daughter who’s just cracked the code of reading and writing wrote this cute letter to her daddy (pappa):


In the evening it was time for cake. It was just the closest family and I had decided to bake him a classic Swedish cake with fresh cream (ok, I first tried making a meringue cake but it totally flopped!). It’s a light sponge cake that is sliced in thin layers and then layered with filling in between. You can, and should use fresh fruit of the season. I put mashed bananas mixed with whipped cream in the first layer and then custard in the next. The whole cake is then covered in whipped cream and decorated with more fruit. As we had started off the evening with T-bone and baked potatoes we failed to even eat half the cake, but sponge cake tend to taste even better the next day so no loss at all!

The cake with it’s first and second layer of filling, the last layer of sponge still to be put on top.


Tip: When covering the cake with whipped cream insert a baking paper under the cake so the mess ends up on the paper instead of on the serving tray.


Time to eat and enjoy!



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