A white maid serving a black family!?


When I first opened up the page with the fashion article for the March issue of The Bulletin&Records magazine I chuckled to myself – and immediately felt stupid for doing so! There was a “high tea” set up with trendy black men and women showcasing creations by zambian designers, being served by white servants and maids! This is a very alien scene for anyone living in Zambia where the whites have always had the privilege of higher status jobs and education. But times are changing, tables are turning as we speak and a new Africa and Zambia is emerging where the difference between people is determined more by class than race. Still, this photo shoot can be seen as very controversial and perhaps even offending to some. As Samba Yonga, one of the co-creators of the themed photo shoot says: “I imagined that some people would be surprised, uncomfortable and that maybe some could feel offended” but she adds “It’s not directed at anyone.” Peder Bjorling, photographer and fellow swede, who took the photos says it was an experiment and an artistic project rather than a statement or comment on society. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “A white maid serving a black family!?

  1. I do not know much about Zambia but I do know that there are quite a lot of white people who would love to work for a black family as a domestic servant. The only problem is that the family would have to ensure that they were treated like slaves and amke sure they obeyed every order and showed proper respect to all the members of the family .who would of course be their betters

  2. What a shame that I am too old to work as a maid. If I was a lot younger I would be making enquiries about opportunities in zambia for maid servants and finding out where it was best to advertise for such job. I would not hide anything and state that I a male maid and willing to sign a long contract and the bottom rate for the chance to serve

  3. a really good picture would be of a white maid being punished by a black mistress

  4. It is good to hear that there are opportunities in Zambia for would be whites to become servants for black families but a lot of us submissive maids would like to see these opportunities extended to the UK and probably the USA. Of course if a black family would be willing to accept a male maid chastised or not that would be an even bigger result

  5. It is an interesting trend but too late for me. If I was 30 years younger I could well be making inquiries of the availability of domestic posts for white maids in black family establishments

    1. I think the article raised many eye brows and it was a clever idea for a shoot. Maybe we will one day have white maids serving black families?

      1. Interesting! Really creative…some would indeed argue that race in no longer THE issue…class is. I notice how many “trendy” places in Zambia are full of black Zambians.

      2. Thanks for your comment. I agree, that said, it also shows that there are still big differences in the zambian society, may it be class and not race!

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