It’s cold outside…

Blogging from my mum and dad’s kitchen in Gotland, Sweden. I left my husband and our two oldest children behind on the farm in Zambia and took the two smallest boys with me for a spontaneous holiday! It wasn’t planned, I booked and we travelled six days later, but I had been looking at bookings from last year october. When I finally had the cash it was a matter of booking before that money would go towards something else…


We arrived in rather chilly autumn like weather, not the sunny, warm spring temperatures I had hoped for. I soon realized that packing summer sandals had been optimistic to say the least! Surprisingly the boys didn’t seem to mind the colder climate and it was on with the overalls and boots and out to play.

My sister and brothers have all taken time to come and be with us as they hadn’t met our youngest son. It’s always great to come home and have quality time with family, but this time it’s not quite the same with half my family missing and so it will be great to get back home to Zambia in a weeks time. Yes, I’m at HOME in both places!


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