Is it wrong to be rich in a poor country?

In Zambia nobody can question the statistics showing that the majority of the population live in poverty, trying to make ends meet on less than 2 dollars a day. But there’s also the minority, the rich and wealthy. Those who own big mansions in attractive areas such as New Kasama and Lilay (Lusaka). Whose children go to the best of schools, driven there in Range Rovers and Hummers. Now, for many I know, this is too much of a contrast to take in when you’ve just arrived to a third-world country. And people start seeing the rich and well-offs as greedy and selfish. Among the rich there’s obviously a few greedy ones, but for the most part in Zambia they have worked themselves up from a humble background, empowering lots of others along the way. Besides, the majority of well-offs, and even middle-class, support family in rural areas, paying for nieces and nephews to complete an education or for granny to be able to feed the family. The reason people (from outside africa) react is that in their home countries the rich don’t mingle with the working class, let alone live in the same neighborhoods, so the contrast is not in their faces. Here you will find a big fancy house on the outskirts of a poor compound. The rich in Zambia can not pretend that the world is all pretty, unless they were blindfolded! When someone makes a comment hinting they find it wrong to be rich in a poor country, that a rich person somehow should feel guilty because of it, my response to them is that then the whole of the west should feel rotten about the fact that such a big part of the world live in poverty!


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