so… it’s 2014

Just like that, both Christmas and New year celebrations were over and I can’t help but feel a bit empty. 2013 passed in a flash and now that it’s time to reflect I’m not sure if 2013 left a good feeling in my gut. But it’s a new year and I’m looking forward to a year of new things, better and bigger. I usually don’t bother with resolutions, as they are mostly empty promises to yourself. But this time I have given myself and my family a few important ones:

Focus – Do fewer things but do them properly (this one’s for my husband, and perhaps my mother-in-law…)

Run – to keep up and improve my newfound passion running. And perhaps get some other family members in on it!

Timeout – Remember to take time out with family (also more for my husband…)

Use the boat more – switch off and go fishing! It would be enough to use it once to beat  2013…

Learn more – To take better photos, write more, read more books.

All in all it’s about putting priorities right, putting family first and living in the now. Have a healthy, successful year full of love!

Spending time with this bunch comes first always!




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