Schools out for Christmas!

At the beginning of this month schools closed for holiday, so too did my little nursery school. But as the children simply stopped coming, assuming it was closed, I had to call them to come back for a little Christmas party a few days later. They all came, some bringing their older siblings! We made some armbands from toilet rolls and colourful tissue/silk paper and played a round of musical chairs. And everybody got as much sweets and lollipops as they could carry in their little hands, each child also got a packet of crayons and a notebook to carry home.

Next year my little three year old will start school in town, perhaps I’ll start bringing my youngest, although I think he’ll be a bit of a menace… And I might just move the school (again) as we have built a storeroom that is looking too nice just to be keeping stuff in…!

IMG_2545 IMG_2539 IMG_2531


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