Who made that cake?

This cake is somewhat known at our church as I like to bring it when it’s my turn to contribute to church tea. It’s a cake simple enough for children to make (remember I said I’m a lazy baker…) and it was as a child I used to bake it together with my younger sister. We would bake it only just enough for it to hold together and make sure all the middle part was still runny! Whenever I make this cake people ask – who made that lovely marzipan cake? But the truth is – there’s no marzipan in it! 

This is how to make it:

Grease and crumb a pan that’s 30 cm across and put the oven on 175 C.

Melt 200 gram margarine in a medium size pot, and then add in 3 dl sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. almond oil, and 4 dl flour. Stir well, pour into pan and bake for 10-15 min, depending on how runny you would like the middle to be…

cake, tuppkaka, baking, food blog

In Swedish this cake’s name translates into “rooster cake”, don’t ask me why….

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