How to make cheese… sort of!

I had a two liter container of sour milk, or ”mabisi” as it is known locally, that had gone a bit off  so I decided to try make some cream cheese from it. I started by pouring it into a juice strainer, but after about four hours not much whey had come out as the cloth was a bit too thick. So I walked over to borrow my father-in-laws cheese press. As it had no instructions with it and the owner wasn’t at home I had to figure it out myself, and I sort of did. I reckoned it was all about putting pressure to get all the whey out, and even if I might not have done it the way it was supposed to have been done, I actually ended up with a pretty nice cream cheese! (It just had to stand overnight rather than 3-4 hours as my cookery book suggested.) I mixed in some garlic, salt and pepper and cayenne pepper and after a couple of days in the fridge it tastes really good!

I started off like this
Used a 2 kg packet of sugar as weight…
My homemade cream cheese!



2 thoughts on “How to make cheese… sort of!

    1. Eller hur! Inget söseri och sen kan man ju experimentera lite då alternativet ändå var att hälla ut.

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