Queue like a Zambian!


Something people are very good at in Zambia is queuing. Zambians seem to have endless patience when it comes to waiting. It might be at the post office because only two out of ten tills are open, or at the ATM as there is far too few in town at month end, or in any government office, or at the hospital/clinic where one doctor has to attend to fifty patients. I suppose in the end you have no other choice but to stand and wait for your turn, and I must say Zambians do this with grace. No quarreling over whose turn it is, just a neat line of people. And if you’ve forgotten something, say in the supermarket, you can simply tell the person behind you that “I’ll be coming” and you will find your place in the queue waiting for you! In a country where things usually take a little longer it’s good to be able to queue like a Zambian!


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