Zambian food

I remember the very first time I tried nshima, the staple food in Zambia. It was at a fundraising at the Salvation Army in Visby, Sweden for the orphanage I later came to work for. It was a big buffet with everything including Mopani worms and a stinky dried fish paste thing that I’ve never come across in Zambia! Now, nobody gave us instructions on how to put it all together and we had been told that this nshima is what the orphans eat every day. So we thought to ourselves “poor children who gets to eat this maize porridge daily” (We obviously thought the children ate the nshima by itself!). Well, landing in Zambia I soon learnt how to eat, cook and enjoy both nshima and the endless number of relishes that goes with it. We eat nshima a couple of days a week in our house and last week I bought chicken gizzards (stomachs) as my oldest son has been very annoyed every time we’ve had chicken and he’s found no stomach. It was a hit! Not a single stomach was left in the pot!

Nshima, veggies and chicken gizzard stew.

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