Crooked pipes and weed

Anyone that has ever taken on any form of building/renovation project in Zambia knows what it can take to get it done. Right now we are trying to finish a guest room with an on suite bathroom in time for when my parents come next. Firstly, I feel like half of my garden has been dug up as we have put down electric cable, hot and cold water pipes and septic tank.  Besides that the wall in the bathroom has got a number of big holes where the piping is supposed to be fitted. The plumber I’d say is a “typical” plumber who hasn’t quite understood the point of putting things straight. He very carefully measured out to put the shower head in what would be the middle of the shower, but that did not mean he measured out where the taps should go, so they ended up somewhat to the left. It took some explaining from my side for him even to see the problem!

Now the painter is also a character of his own. He comes here on conditions that he won’t drink, only we should have also told him he’s not allowed to smoke (yes, that would be weed)! He even want to argue with me on what color we should paint the walls! And when he said he can fit the glass in the windows I should have known better as this man can do everything if you ask him… So right now we’ve got a plumber in the garden that is rather annoyed with the madam (me) who’s making him redo all the crooked  piping, and a painter feelin’ groovy…

You see what I’m trying to say…
Looking straight to you?



3 thoughts on “Crooked pipes and weed

  1. Hej! Läste precis detta inlägg högt för min man och vi skrattade gott åt det då vi känner igen oss väldigt mycket. Bygger hus i Lusaka och det har varit minst sagt utmanande. Vi är just nu i Sverige men när vi flyttar tillbaka till Zambia vore det kul att besöka er på farmen och utbyta erfarenheter, MVH Jenny Changala

    1. Hej! Kul att ni känner igen er och spännande att ni bygger hus! Skulle vara kul att träffas när ni kommer tillbaks till zambia. Du kan kontakta mig genom bloggen bara.

      1. Hej igen! Såg detta nu, får inga notifications. Vi ses jättegärna när vi kommer till Zambia nästa gång. Blir troligen nästa år, är just nu gravid och ska ha barn i december och mannen min pluggar till elingenjör och är färdig i juni nästa år. Vi längtar att flytta till Zambia helt. Vilken skola går era barn i?
        MVH Jenny

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