Way back then…


Yes, that would be me, far right on the front row…

I looked through some old class photos the other day and came across these from junior school. My old class mates will probably hate me for making them public! (Hopefully they don’t read my blog….) I was lucky enough to go to a small school with only about ninety students all together and only eleven in my class. I say lucky because I think it’s a benefit to go to a small school where you don’t disappear in the crowd. That said it’s still not easy growing up and as you can see I was the one with both glasses AND braces! I had my best friend, Anna, we stuck together through thick and thin. But then came grade seven and we had to leave for the bigger school, new class mates, scary grade niners, puberty, and all that teenage identity stuff… Well, we all had to live through it and I think I came out the other end quite alright 😉



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