My birthday boy!

On the 4th of July my oldest son turned 7. That did not make me feel old at all… He was given the option of having a birthday party for his class or for his friends from the farm. After giving it a quick thought the choice was clear, a party for the children that are his true friends that he plays with daily – our farm workers children. I sent Albin on his bicycle to pass around a verbal invitation. I had no idea beforehand how many he invited and how many to expect. In the end close to 50 children came to the party in my garden. I arranged sack race and pop-the-balloon race, and there were lots of snacks and sweets. In the end it was a fun, intense party that even the smallest participant enjoyed.  It’s always fun to arrange something special for these children that have a very simple existence, to see all of them dressed up in their best clothes with clean shiny faces and happy smiles. Albin was happy too and the absence of gifts was never even noticed by the birthday boy!

Sack race was fun!
A happy 7 year old!
Other games were also played…
Time to go home…


3 thoughts on “My birthday boy!

  1. Vilket härligt kalas! Låter som det perfekta sjuårskalaset och som något vår dotter på fem år skulle älska.

  2. Vilket härligt kalas och vilken underbarbild på 7-åringen! Ge honom en stor grattispuss från mig lite grann i efterskott!

    Hoppas allt är bra med er alla!
    Kram från Maria

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