Earth Hour everyday…

So #Earthhour came and went again. I didn’t switch off. To me it’s a feel-good-stunt for the west, we all switch off and think off the earth for on hour, then we switch on and go back to the usual energy over consumption. In Africa the majority of the population has ‘earth hour’ every hour. And those that have electricity have to endure long and sometimes daily load shedding (scheduled power cuts due to insufficient supply) by the electricity supplier. At the farm we often have 12 hour power cuts. I get that ‘Earth hour’ is all about raising awareness rather than actually saving energy for an hour. Still I can’t help but feel that it is more about that good feeling that you’re part of something, a movement. But in the end what counts is what we do. The reality is that the west is largely responsible for polluting the earth, and perhaps a daily earth hour should be introduced in the western countries, after all one our per year is not going to change much. The west will carry on over consuming while the majority in Africa remain cooking over open fire.


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