Back to school

Lovely busy feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

A little over a year ago I had to close the school with short notice as we were left without classroom. I decided to leave it at that and take a break from teaching. But as my third born got older and I felt he needed more routine and creative activities I decided to open again about a month ago. Not that we have a new classroom, but we have made a classroom in the โ€œpool houseโ€ that we also share with the laundry and a sauna. Since a long time had passed and the older kids went on to grade one I did not expect a big group on day one. But to my surprise twelve children turned up all on time in their best school clothes. This time around the children are all much smaller than Iโ€™m used to. Lots of two and three year olds and I have realized that I have to work in a whole new way. This morning for example I was trying to play I game with one group while the others played with building blocks, but the youngest did not stay long for the game and simply left to join the others. Despite their low age they all really try their best at singing and all the other things we do, and that puts a smile on my face! ย 

3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Hรคrligt Elina!Vad kul att du kommit igรฅng igen, ser helt underbart ut! (Tyckte vรคl att jag kรคnde igen lokalen.) Antar att det รคr fรฅ kvar av barnen som vi hade.Hรคr har jag precis haft min finaly exam fรถr Engelska kursen jag lรคst. Kanske att man kommer o รคr hos er en svรคng igen, man blir ju onekligen sugen! :)Ta hand om er o keep up the good work!

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