Enjoying life!


My oldest son, Albin 6, really know how to enjoy life to the fullest. Yesterday as it was a public holiday (Youth day) the children had a day at home. As usual the children got out of bed without any problem, unlike schooldays when we literally pull them out of bed. Albin was up before me (around 06) and was already dressed when he came to my bedroom to tell me his going fishing with his friends. I tried but failed to talk him into having some breakfast first, at least he promised me to go with not only his age mates but one older boy. Off he went, with his homemade stick rod down to the river. And that was all I saw him the entire day. I heard his voice at lunchtime, but he was gone again in a flash, he had eaten lunch with his friends by the workers houses. At suppertime we had to go and call him back from the river to come and finish his homework and bath. No wonder my husband look at him and wish he was a child again.


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