Too much politics…

Recently I’ve discovered Twitter! (I know I’m SO behind…) And as I can actually use it on my cellphone I’ve been reading tweets a lot. I’m still only using the company account (@chankwakwa1) so I have had to be conscious with my tweets/retweets, but I can still access tweets and links from others. As a result I have been getting all my news through this channel and as I do take interest in the local political scene I have kept abreast with whats happening. But perhaps it’s been a bit too much of PF this, UPND this, president Sata’s accusations here, opposition’s alarms there…. Because last night I actually met one of the main opposition leaders, “HH” as he’s known, and I asked him for his opinion on the draft constitution, meanwhile vice president Guy Scott walked by dressed in a colorful shirt that was so tight the buttons where about to burst. Well I never got to hear HH’s thoughts on the draft constitution as my alarm clock rang and it was time to wake up and get the kids ready for school… =)

“HH” Leader of the opposition party UPND
VP Guy Scott (wearing a shirt his size…)

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