Heavy load…

No, it’s not the moon, or a bald head… It’s my very pregnant tummy! From my point of view looking down… I’ve carried this baby within me for nearly nine month now and guess if I am ready for him (yes, another boy…) to come out! As this is my fourth child I feel quite experienced by now, but something I’ve learnt is that every pregnancy is unique. From about half way through I’ve experienced pain in my hips and it’s been getting worse towards the end, on the other hand I never had any morning sickness this time, and at the end of the day the only thing really important is that baby and mummy is healthy. So enough with complaints. Something that every mother living in Zambia has to consider is where to give birth. Where as in Sweden you would simply go to your nearest hospital, here you have to look at standard, price, distance. Many of course can’t afford to choose and the only choice is the government hospitals with it’s limited resources. However, the private options are many, especially in Lusaka where you can pay hundreds of dollars for the “privilege” of running water and well staffed hospitals. This time I am considering one of these private hospitals in Lusaka, despite living 140 km to the north of the city. Having had my second and third child in Kabwe I can say that I have tried and know what it is like in the less privileged hospitals. My second born was delivered in the old Mine hospital, wonderful midwife, not so comfortable bed… My third was born at the General Hospital at the so called “high cost ward” (payed 40 usd…), much nicer ward, not such a nice midwife… None of the two hospitals had running water, only pain killer -paracetamol! However, I do realize that even if I pay a lot more to give birth at a nice place with all the comfort, the pain will still be there… And the question in the end is -will I make it to Lusaka or will it be another birth in the government hospital..!?


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