To hot to handle…

It’s October, well I guess that’s nothing new for most people. But in Zambia, October equals heat. Sometimes when it gets really hot, regardless of the actual month, people will say “it’s like October has come!”. And for sure October has come! The thermometer is showing temperatures in there upper thirties, and there’s no escape as the shade gives little relief and even the nights are warm. The rains will only come end of the month at the earliest.  So it is going to be hot and dry for another few weeks. I feel as if my head can’t take any more heat, my body is struggling. Being in the eights month of my fourth pregnancy is obviously not making it any easier…. I find myself staying indoors when I’m at home, sitting by the fan… And only getting out to cool myself off in the swimming pool. Honestly I wouldn’t mind some autumn chills here right now, to snuggle up with a blanket and a cup of tea to keep warm. Instead I am sweating away,  with a bottle of cold water in my hand trying to stay sane….


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