Bottle top fun

Play with bottle tops

Who need toys, when all you need is a sister/brother and a few bottle tops? As many children grow up in poor families in Zambia they’ve never known what it is to own a toy. Nevertheless they play. It is amazing what creativity these children have. Something I think many children in the western world has lost due to computer games, cell phones and a constant stimulation from expensive toys around them. Children here can pick up a few bottle tops, some wire and in their hands it’ll turn into a car. A piece of torn cloth will become a doll. Strings of plastic rolled up will make a football. I am thankful that my own children have learnt to use their creativity in this same way. Despite owning more toys than the average african child they still appreciate simple things like sticks, bottle tops, and other discarded items. It is even hard to know what to get them for their birthdays as most of the play takes place outdoors with home made toys… I think that for Christmas I’ll just get them a big jar of bottle tops!

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